Gundogdu Art Gallery situated in the new extra administration building which was opened on the 30th commemoration of Gundogdu Holding-Foundation, is the greatest craftsmanship display in the area. The display held its first presentation in October 2016 with craftsman "Muslim Teke" and as of now '' Mehtap Atıl ''displaying their work, the show will proceeds until December sixteenth.

The display shows an essential position particularly with youngsters and youthful groups of onlookers being acquainted with craftsmanship out of the blue. The point is to actuate youngsters to make relationship with the contrasts between the specialists , the accumulations, the work of art and to comprehend displays, historical centers, the show notices, the show readiness, and so forth., These are introduced priorly to understudies through a slide introduction and along these lines they are given a voyage through the presentation by an educator.

Nini Önözden, chief of Gündoğdu Art Gallery .Graduated from Cukurova University in 1992, Faculty of Education, Department of Painting Education, Painting and Art Department, and has her Master's Degree from a similar college. Nini Önözden has functioned as a craftsmanship instructor at Gündoğdu College since 1999 and has since been advanced as the Director of Gündoğdu Art Gallery .

Leica Gallery Warsaw Leica Gallery Warsaw was opened in January 2010 and soon turned into a critical organization on the social guide of Warsaw. Notwithstanding its display space, the exhibition is contiguous our major Leica Store.

Leica's Warsaw exhibition is arranged towards a wide assortment of contemporary photography yet centers especially around narrative picture making.

National Portrait Gallery London

Opened in 1856, with organizer trustees including Disraeli and Lord Ellesmere, the gathering mirrors the legislators and taste-shapers of British culture, from rulers to performers, on-screen characters, adventurers and creators. Since 1980 the display has authorized works, and it has the BP Portrait Prize presentation consistently. While artistic creations make up the best extent of the gathering, there are additionally photos, recordings and mixed media establishments.

Opera Gallery | Hong Kong

Established by Gilles Dyan in Paris in 1994 and now universally settled with workplaces in Paris, London, Geneva, Monaco, New York, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul and Dubai, Opera Gallery is one of the main merchants in present day and contemporary American, European and Asian workmanship with exhibition hall and additionally private customers around the world. Offering works of art of exceedingly high caliber, the exhibition has a notoriety for perfection, trustworthiness and circumspection that it keeps on acquiring by giving an abnormal state of administration to naturally requesting customers. Musical drama Gallery will survey quality and realness, assess, display, look after, purchase and offer workmanship basically for the advantage of the authority.

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